We can obtain a traditional visa, or an E-Visa for you. The traditional visa will be issued by the consulate, and will be a stamp in your passport. The E-Visa is electronic, and will be emailed to you once it is approved. You will need to carry this emailed E-Visa with you, along with your passport when you travel. These requirements are for U.S. citizens. Please contact us for information on eligibility for Non-U.S. citizens to obtain E-Visas. Please click on this link for the application and requirements to obtain the E-Visa: Click Here

Please either bring the following documents to our office, or you can overnight them to us.

1. Passport. (Valid for 6 months beyond your stay, signed, with at least two blank visa pages.)

2. Application: Click Here

3. Two recent passport photos. ($15.00 for a set of two if taken in our office. Tax included.)

4. Flight itinerary.

5. Company letter. (For business visas.) This letter will need to be on letterhead from the company in the U.S., with the applicant’s name, position, and purpose of the trip. It will need the name, address and phone number of the contact company in Kenya, and will need to state that the U.S. company will be financially responsible for all expenses incurred. This letter will need to be signed by someone other than the applicant.

Processing time is approximately 8 business days.

Consulate fee: $50.00 (Single entry.)
Consulate fee: $100.00 (Multiple entry.)
Service fee: $120.00

*Consulate and Service fees and requirements are subject to change without notice.

**Requirements are for U.S. Citizens. Please contact us for non-U.S. Citizen requirements

If you would like to have the visa sent back to you by an overnight service, the fee is $45.00 for weekday delivery, and $85.00 for Saturday delivery. You can also send us a return overnight air bill.